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Statement of Understanding

  • Please read and initial each statement.
  • I do understand...
    • The graduation robes are not provided by MCT. (If your church chooses to host their own graduation you are responsible for your own robe.)
    • There is a $100.00 late fee on the Student and Administration fees if total of each fees are not received in the MCT Home Office by the due dates listed in the Student Catalog.
    • I should not wait until due dates of Student and Administration fees to pay them, but I should pay periodically on said fees.
    • MCT has religious accreditation, not secular, and I will not receive a 1098-T tax receipt for education. I will, however, receive a tax letter from the MCT satellite extension host church for the giving of finances toward my religious education, which should be tax deductible.
    • If I try to bypass the satellite extension administrator by sending fees (i.e. tuition, curriculum, student or administration) directly to the MCT home office, I will receive a receipt and thank you letter for donating to the Haitian Ministry of MCT.
    • If I am an Associate or Bachelor student of MCT, then I MUST serve a 30 hour intern- ship for the pastor of the hosting church of the MCT satellite extension (at said Pastor’s discretion). If I am a Master student I must submit a 50 page thesis along with a $100 reading fee. If I am a Doctoral student I must submit or 100 page dissertation with a $200 reading fee.
    • I understand that no curriculum will be emailed to me until 3-5 days after my payment has processed. If I receive curriculum from any other source or email other than josh- [email protected] this curriculum will not be accredited or accepted as MCT curriculum.
    • I understand that my diploma will not be released until (at least) 2 WEEKS after ALL my fees and obligations are met and cleared.
    • I understand that my procrastination is not your emergency.
    I have read, initialed, I understand and agree with each of the statements above.