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About Us

What started as a small gathering of kingdom-minded believers in 1976 has grown into an anointed kingdom community of vision, change, and restoration. From our church’s humble beginnings, True Divine has always believed that God’s Word holds the key to empowerment in every area of life. We are a kingdom-minded church, and we are excited to see this kingdom mindset bring our members into their God-given potential! As we preach Jesus and teach the Word of God, we will all be transformed and produce believers who excel in life!

Pastor Steven Huntley

As an anointed preacher, teacher, and leader, Pastor Steven Huntley is the standard-bearer for the True Divine Church vision. His captivating speaking style and humble character have given him visibility across the nation. Pastor Huntley’s unique ability to minister to our full condition has blessed each person who has walked through our door. His spiritual advice cuts to the root of what we need to hear.

As the Senior Leader of True Divine Baptist Church, Pastor Huntley has applied biblical principles to this kingdom community resulting in explosive growth. The church now sits on over 55 acres of land with 90,000 square feet of building space, including a childcare center, café, restaurant, event center, book store, gymnasium, athletic fields, and a conference center.

As a family man, Pastor Steven ministers alongside his forever partner and wife of 29 years, Pastor Yolanda R. Huntley. Together, they have built True Divine into a ministry force that benefits both the members of the church and the members of the community.

Pastor Steven Huntley is a kingdom leader, built with the passion, energy, and competence necessary to lead True Divine into its next level of expansion in God.

First Lady Yolanda Huntley

In addition to Pastor Steven, the Lord has blessed True Divine with Pastor Yolanda R. Huntley, a powerful Woman of God with leadership anointing. With multiple degrees from Alabama State University, Pastor Yolanda is a scholar, a teacher of the Word of God, and an educator extraordinaire.

From the beginning of this journey, Pastor Yolanda has proven to be an integral part of the vision coming into reality. She has given countless hours of leadership and powerful instruction to True Divine members in order for them to reach their kingdom potential.

As a presence in the church and the community, she has stood in both the pulpit and the classroom with equal effectiveness.

Pastor Yolanda’s presence has produced a spirit of excellence and energy for all to see. She is a kingdom leader, who can be trusted to lead with integrity and grace!